(Pieces of obsolescence)
5 wooden objects in white lacquer, constructed in scale 1:1
Zürich, 2016
Group show at Artistic research Colloquium, Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz, 14.01.2016

What objects got lost due to the process of optimisation? Similar as in futuristic films, in which everyday objects are shown in their possible futuristic version, this artifacts are an attempt to represent a hypothetical former version of basic elements of a conventional apartment such as a doorbell, a sink, a stove, a luminary or a shower. The hypothetical former version of a sink takes the form of reminiscence of a fountain and emphasises the earlier joy of having water in the household. The hypothetical former version of a shower works through wringing out, a movement that is rather related to the past. This work is ultimately an attempt to create a collection of new invented archaeological objects, a collection of constructed speculations.